Eco-Friendly Design Package

Commercial Kitchen can be “Rocket Science “to people that are not in F&B field.

The challenge is to help customer achieving maximum benefits from today’s limited resources, such as: the utilization of effective kitchen footprint to achieve optimum productivity, the use of automation that can do more with less manpower, and the practice of cleaner and energy-efficient production processes to create eco-friendly F&B facilities.

Talk to us. Learn the different possibilities that we offer in our design package.
Build Package

Execution is as Important as Design itself

Professional Design with Professional Equipment need knowledgeable Installation Team to put together a functional kitchen keeping in mind practicality, safety, and hygiene.     


Design & Build Package  is your solution
Be it Big or Small, we do it all. Our Kitchen Design and Build package start from obtaining necessary requirements from owner or operator, coordinate with all parties involved in the project from day one to shorten the communication process, and build you quality professional kitchens with budget as agreed in a timely manner.

Equipment Selection Service
Smart Saving Formula +-*/ =
Pick the Right Equipment
for the Right Job
Reliable brands in the market offer simple to multifunctional product lines to match your usage. Tell us your day to day operation, and we will assist to pick the right equipment that enable you to grow your future business taking into consideration its total life cycle cost.

Equipment Health Care Service
Your Money Making Machines need Maintenance 
A restaurant can use up to 5-7 times per square foot more energy than a commercial building. Proper maintenance of your equipment will not only long last its life span, but also help to save cost on energy consumption and major parts replacement.

   Corrective Maintenance     Preventive Maintenance    Technical Support

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