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Mibrasa® charcoal oven with cupboard below and heating rack

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MIBRASA® is a closed barbecue grill invented and made in our workshops. Made from the best quality steel by expert hands, our grills are designed to satisfy even the most demanding chefs.

 The technical specifications allow the user to accurately con­trol the air flow through the grill, changing the intensity of the embers. This is an extremely efficient way of cooking and cuts down the amount of charcoal needed.

MIBRASA® charcoal ovens allow you to cook all types of foods retaining the natural flavors and bringing out a unique taste.


We have a wide range of high quality products and accessories allowing you to completely personalize your MIBRASA® char­coal oven, adapting it to your needs.

Technical Data

Fire up time1                                      45 min-average

Cooking temperature                    250 - 350 ºC
Initial charcoal load1                       15 kg

Production*                                        120 kg/h

Charcoal load duration2               8 h

Gastronorm / grill                             2 x GN 1/1

Equivalent power*                           5 kW

Exhaust rate                                      3200 m3/h

Firebreak diameter                         154 mm

Duct diameter                                   114 mm

Net weight3                                       516 kg

Crated weight3                                593 kg

Crated size (WxDxH)                     1100 x 1100 x 1900 mm.

*Approximate data

1. Consult instruction manual

2. Will vary depending on quality of charcoal

3. Weight with accessories included

Included Accessories

Grill (G110)

Oven tongs (TG)

Ash shovel (PALA)

Ember poker (PK110)

Grill brush (CEP)

Mibrasa Ecofire firelighters (FL)

Optional Accessories

Extra grill (G110)

Firebreak (FB)

Dissipation filter (DF)

Gastronorm rack (SGNAB)

Locking Casters (WINOX)

Kitchenware (consult online catalogue)

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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