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EASY HANDLING – HYGIENIC With the patented bowl-scraper there is no need to stop the unit for scraping the bowl sides. The anodized aluminums base and xylex top cover guarantee an easy clean-up and durable finish.

DESIGN – QUALITY Designed and manufactured to the highest specification, the HOBART food processor’s stainless steel bowl has been constructed with a wide low profile bowl allowing more products to be in the vicinity of the cutting blades, which decreases production times. The see- through design allows a continuous view of the products.

SAFETY Protection is given by preventing blade rotation until the lock arm, bowl and cover are in proper position. Rubber feet on the base of the machine prevent movement.

Technical data

Capacity                                      4 liters

Speed                                           1,725 rpm.

Cutting tools diameter          185 mm.

Power supply                             230V/50Hz; 1N PE

Power load                                  0.57 kW

Dimension (mm)                       436 x 259 x 292

Weight                                           20 Kg  

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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