INSTANTMATE Compact Model WM-35


INSTANTANEOUS WATER BOILER. A perfect choice for convenient store, hospital, schools and restaurant, etc.

Categories : Water Boiler


AISI 304 stainless steel body structure for high durability.

Low water level detection device to prevent over-boiling/dry-boiling.

Water conditioner as a standard accessory.

Automatic water refill

Water heating portion to reduce initial boil up time.

Manual drainage valve for tank-cleaning purpose.

Good insulation to double up heat efficiency and fasten heating time.

Pressure release valve.

Digital temperature display to show the water temperature.

Error indicator on the front panel to signal the need of diagnosis.

Durable Tomlinson drip-free faucet.

Technical data

Dimensions (mm)                                212 W x 366 D x 471 H

Voltage (V)                                              220-230V; 50 Hz

Loading (KW)                                         2-3.36

Water inlet                                              DN15

Water output temperature              92 - 97 ⁰C

Output (L/hr.)                                          28.5

Output (Glass/hr.)                                 114

Net weight/Gross weight                 8/9

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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